Ziyen Inc. Oct 2017 Corporate Overview

Below is a link of significant events at Ziyen Inc.

• Apr, 2016 – New startup, Ziyen Inc. created, corporate website launched. The software division, Ziyen Intelligence to offer industry targeted portal access to information on federal tenders and contracts available for bid. Accessible via mobile app and desktop, modeled after today’s social media infrastructure.
• Jul, 2016 – Ziyen files initial Reg A+ application paperwork, iterating under the direction, oversight and support of SEC representatives and our SEC attorney in order to ensure the filing for the offering circular is complete and compliant.
• Oct, 2016 – Ziyen offering circular is certified by the SEC for Reg A+. Initial share price fixed at .25 c with 64M shares of common stock available.
• Jun, 2017 – Ziyen, upon reviewing the oil/gas energy sector as an initial information portal, identifies an opportunity and acquires an asset: Mineral rights to an Indiana oilfield worth $36 M, fundamentally changing the company. Ziyen Energy division is created.
• Aug, 2017 – Ziyen submits 253G2 addendum to the filing circular with the SEC, recognizing the new asset. Additionally, initial members of the board are introduced.
• Aug, 2017 – Ziyen enlists VStock Transfer to represent the company as Transfer Agent and secure a CUSIP number for the company. An important step in the move to public trading.
• Aug, 2017 – Ziyen secures its ticker symbol, ZIY, in preparation for its move to the markets.
• Aug, 2017 – Oilfield initial inspection completed. High-level infrastructure needs identified. Samples collected for testing. Required permit applications underway and negotiation of distribution channels have begun.
• Sep, 2017 – Ziyen Inc. re-brands, with an exciting new look and logo. The corporate website refreshed to streamline navigation for mobile and desktop users, updating content and improving end-user experience.
• Oct, 2017 – Ziyen Inc. enlists the services of Core Laboratories (UK), Petroleum Services Division to perform a compositional analysis of an oil sample sourced from the oil lease in Evansville, Indiana. Oil sample report confirms high grade nice light crude.