Energy Projects using the Internet of things and blockchain technology

Our Assets

Ziyen Energy Tokenized Fund owns Non-Operated Working Interests in 40 Oil & Gas wells located in Parker & Wise Counties, Texas. The Working Interests Ziyen have acquired are in onshore mature producing oil and gas wells and are produced from the Barnett Shale Basin which is a geological formation in north Texas.

In 2021 Ziyen Energy acquired Non-Operated Working Interests in 42 Oil & Gas wells located in Panola & Cooke Counties, Texas.  This acquisition for these oil interests was made in ZiyenCoins.

In addition, Ziyen Energy owns an overriding royalty interest in an oil project in the Illinois Basin, plus lease holdings and minerals rights in the same basin.

Tokenizing Energy Assets

Tokenization is one of the most successful applications of  blockchain technology. It digitizes assets where each blockchain token represents a certain share of ownership of that asset.  Information, value and associated rights of the certain asset can be transferred onto blockchain through tokenization. Blockchain tokens representing the asset are tradable on secondary markets just like traditional securities.  Ziyen Energy and ZiyenCoin have been featured in multiple publications in Google Scholar.

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