A Digital Security Token For the Global Oil & Energy Sector


ZiyenCoin is an Oil & Energy Security Token Offering (STO)

Ziyen Energy. is a technology-driven energy company incorporated in the State of Wyoming, U.S.A. in April 2016. Originally formed as a software company providing information on the oil, gas, power and energy sectors, Ziyen specializes on business information, contracts, news and information by developing cutting edge procurement and supply chain software to provide clients with intelligence on industry specific government and private contracts.

In addition, Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in oil assets based in Texas and the Illinois Basin, which covers Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. The equity of Ziyen Energy has been tokenized and issued as ZiyenCoin which is offered for sale as a Security Token pursuant to SEC Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.

Oil tokenization – will ZiyenCoin revolutionize the market?

ZiyenCoin is designed to increase the company’s market share through activities such as hedging and supporting the development of American oil fields

Finance infrastructure through blockchain-based tokenization

The ZiyenCoin case is analyzed in this study to illustrate the infrastructure assets tokenization process.  Results show that tokenization can improve infrastructure assets liquidity, transaction efficiency, and transparency across intermediaries.

ZiyenCoin to Tokenize the Oil Industry

ZiyenCoin has some big plans for the energy sectors moving forward. The firm seeks to integrate both blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to reduce costs for investors and consumers. This week, the company also announced plans to host an STO to further its US market positioning.

Ziyen Energy Receives Oil Cash Distributions for their Tokenized Energy Fund

The tokenized energy fund of Ziyen Energy has received its fourth and fifth oil cash payments from oil wells.  The Barnett Shale Basin, a geological structure in north Texas, is where the oil and gas rigs are situated.. 

Ziyen Inc. to Tokenize Oil Assets on the Ethereum Blockchain

Ziyen Inc., an oil and energy company, announced that it will become the first company to list oil assets on the Ethereum Blockchain

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