In the latest episode of BOOM! It’s on the Blockchain, Alastair Caithness (Ziyen CEO) interviews Security Token Expert, Peter Gaffney to discuss the developments in the security token market, Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), tokenization, smart contracts, and the difference between STOs, ICOs and NFTs.

Peter Gaffney is the Head of Research at Security Token Advisors, an advisory group that facilitates the tokenization of assets for clients ranging from Real Estate investment groups to Private Equity & Venture Capital firms to Pre-IPO shares. He leverages experiences at Global X ETFs and boutique private equity firms to bring the public and private sectors under one roof via security tokens. Among numerous thought pieces, he published ‘The State of Security Tokens 2022’ as a baseline of knowledge for the industry, and works to create a more fluid ecosystem among industry participants, platforms, and services on both the retail and institutional levels.