In the latest episode of Boom! It’s on the Blockchain we interview Geoffrey Cann to discuss his new book “Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud: A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas” .

Oil, gas, and the promise of a digital future


Forces of change have reconfigured the playing field for the oil and gas industry: Volatile crude oil and natural gas prices. Global recession. Pandemic. Climate change. Capital market pressures. Rising demand for renewable energy sources. To survive, companies have been compelled to adopt digital technologies to lower costs, improve productivity, attract talent, reduce emissions, and increase profits. Some believe the transformation is now complete. Geoffrey and Ryan Cann argue that it has just begun.


Written by leading experts on the intersection of digital technologies and oil and gas, Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud explains how to do “digital” better and faster. Innovators in all sectors—Upstream, midstream, downstream, integrated, and services—have reaped the benefits of going digital. Examining these successes, the authors offer tactics and strategies for industry decision-makers for effective digital adoption.


Discover how to: embrace new business models adopt critical technologies manage and overcome resistance to change follow best practices in digital adoption. The oil and gas industry has made huge strides, but Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud makes the case that there are still plenty of opportunities for companies, young people, and tech entrepreneurs to find their fortunes in the industry.


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