Ziyen Energy received the distributions from Non-Operated Working Interests in 42 Oil & Gas wells located in Texas

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ziyen Energy Tokenized Fund has announced they have received their first oil sales for an acquisition in Ziyen Energy Tokens.

Ziyen Energy received the distributions from Non-Operated Working Interests in 42 Oil & Gas wells located in Panola & Cooke Counties, Texas, which Ziyen acquired in January of 2021 for Ziyen Energy Tokens.

Alastair Caithness, CEO stated,

“The tokenization model for energy assets is now complete and we will focus on scaling the model. Tokenization, though in its infancy, is one of the most promising applications of blockchain technology, and it is exciting the company is now receiving oil distributions in cash for acquisitions in the Ziyen tokens. Our work on asset backed tokenization in the oil and energy industry was initially written about by Blockchain Professors and Researchers from Columbia University, University of Florida and the University of Michigan in 2020, and it is fantastic to see the circle is now complete.”

David Rogers, CTO added

“Through the development of the Energy Tokens platform, we can now create an Energy Token on behalf of any operator and have developed the platform to tokenize both solar and wind energy projects.”

For more information about Ziyen Energy and Energy Tokens please visit alastairc7.sg-host.com and www.energytokens.io

About Energy Tokens:
Energy Tokens was established in 2019 by Ziyen Energy in collaboration with leading blockchain, data analysis, tokenization, regulatory and trading specialists to develop the Energy Tokens Asset Trading Platform. The Energy Tokens Asset Trading Platform provides a means for tokenizing ownership interests in energy producing assets using permission-based blockchain technology. For more information visit www.energytokens.io

About Ziyen Energy.:
Ziyen Energy. is a technology-driven energy company incorporated in the State of Wyoming, U.S.A. in April 2016. Originally formed as a software company providing information on the oil, gas, power and energy sectors, Ziyen specializes on business information, contracts, news and information by developing cutting edge procurement and supply chain software to provide clients with intelligence on industry specific government and private contracts. In addition, Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in oil assets based in Texas and the Illinois Basin, which covers Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. The equity of Ziyen Energy has been tokenized and issued as ZiyenCoin which is offered for sale as a Security Token pursuant to SEC Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.
For more information visit alastairc7.sg-host.com

Ziyen Energy CEO, Alastair Caithness, is a co-author of the first financial journal research paper on ‘Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization‘. The main author of the paper is Yifeng (Ethan) Tian, who is a Research Fellow at the University of Florida and has been working with Ziyen Energy for over a year investigating the feasibility of securitizing energy infrastructure assets through blockchain tokenization, and assisting with the development of the creation of blockchain-based energy token trading platform. Other co-authors of the paper are:

Dr. Zheng Lu, PhD, CFA, Professor at Columbia University and Consultant at the World Bank

Dr. Peter Adriaens, Professor and FinTech Entrepreneur; Director, Center for Smart Infrastructure Finance at the University of Michigan

Dr. Edward Minchin, Professor at the School of Construction Management, University of Florida

Junghoon Woo, Ph.D candidate at the University of Florida who is working on the research paper “A new blockchain framework for existing building energy performance measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV): A pathway for the building sector to participate in the carbon credit market.”

Forward Looking Statements:
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