Dean Holter, a seasoned in-house attorney, is taking on double duty—he has been named both general counsel and chief financial officer at Ziyen Inc.

The Scottish-American oil and energy company with U.S. headquarters in San Diego announced July 27 that Holter will be joining the team. In addition to his GC duties, as CFO, he will play a key role in overseeing all financial aspects of the company, including planning and analysis, reporting and investor relations functions. He also will serve on Ziyen’s board of directors.

Holter was most recently the GC and CFO at Christensen Global Strategies. There he advised clients on strategy and opportunities related to sustainability, development of the clean economy, healthy global communities and solutions for climate change, his LinkedIn profile said. He also oversaw the purchase of several commercial-scale solar projects in California and Oregon, according to the announcement of his move.

Before joining Christensen in 2012, Holter served as GC and general manager at Idaho Capital, a private collateralized real estate lending group.

“Ziyen has an exciting mission: to use legacy energy sources to fund new and virtually maintenance free energy sources,” Holter said in the announcement. “Until now, there have been two camps in the U.S., the fossils energy crowd and the renewables energy crowd, who have viewed each other with some justifiable suspicion. But the tipping point has been reached and Ziyen intends to marry the two because they are perfectly complementary.”

Founded in 2016 as a software company that provided information on oil- and gas-related procurement contracts, Ziyen diversified last year and is now focused on delivering 100 percent energy independence to the U.S. Last November, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the company for its second round of funding.

Neither Holter nor a company spokesperson could be immediately be reached for comment. It’s unclear whether or not Holter is Ziyen’s first-ever general counsel.

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