At Ziyen, Inc. we are both redesigning and rethinking the way traditional oil and gas companies work and provide energy to the consumer.

Ziyen, Inc. is incredibly proud to be demonstrating significant execution on our business plan and model in the 1st half of 2018. In the last month alone, we have acquired an additional 7 leases bringing Ziyen to a total of 13 oil leases.

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Our goal at Ziyen, Inc. is to become a leader in the US domestic energy market by:

1) Increasing domestic oil production to meet US demand,

2) Speeding up the transition to renewables over time while cutting emissions through innovation,

3) Developing renewable energy projects to reduce both US oil production costs and oil dependency,

4) Partner with indigenous companies to ensure money stays in the local economy,

5) Stimulate US economic growth by keeping domestic oil money in America, 6) Reducing harmful environmental emissions through innovation, and, last but certainly not least,

6) Creating thousands of jobs in America.

To help Ziyen achieve these aforementioned goals, Ziyen is extremely proud to have partnered with strategic financial and capital markets advisor, Berg Capital Markets, LLC.

Founded in 2012 and located in San Diego, New York, Charlotte and Sun Valley, Berg Capital Markets, LLC is an Energy and Healthcare capital markets and analytics firm specializing in holistic corporate and capital markets advisory. Berg Capital Markets provides full-service capital markets solutions for private and public Energy and Healthcare companies. Berg is a capital markets team comprised of ex publicly traded C Level executives, institutional equity professionals, and sell-side research analysts at bulge bracket and boutique investment banks. Berg Capital specializes in private companies and publicly traded companies in the micro-cap, small-cap, and mid-cap areas.

For Ziyen, Berg Capital has been and will greatly facilitate our corporate structure, business and capital markets strategy, business plan, business model, capital structure, industry and financial conferences, and investor relations activity. We are a RegA+ opportunity.

Before we are public, Berg Capital is helping Ziyen with building a financial pro forma model, greatly enhancing our narrative and slide deck, enhancing our offering circulars, ongoing investor relations activities, helping us with crowdfunding platforms, conferences, and generally with press releases and standard IR activities.

Our second round of funding was qualified by the SEC on the 30th of November 2017 and our shares are currently being offered at $1.50 per share, more details are available at our Investor Relations Page, SEC Filings or on our Offering Circular.

After we are public, Berg Capital will handle all of Ziyen’s capital markets and investor activities from both a sell side and buy side perspective.

We plan to leverage the firm for social media, investor relations, strategy, investor feedback, written communication material, analyst communications, investment banker communication, and detailed analytical frameworks geared toward easy investor education through income statement pro formas, cash flow pro formas, balance sheet pro formas, revenue build and market models, comp/peer group relative valuation analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, historical deals with valuations, and capital structure analysis.

Ziyen, Inc. is executing and on track to achieve our goals. We expect to deliver 20 leases by September 2018 and begin producing oil by October 2018. Moreover, we expect the following:

  • Produce 300 barrels per day by Jan 2019
  • Produce 1000 barrels per day by Jan 2020
  • Produce 5000 barrels per day by Jan 2021
  • Produce 12,000 barrels per day by Jan 2022
  • Produce 25,000 barrels per day by Jan 2023

A link to our presentation can be found here: Ziyen Inc.

Corporate Overview Contact:

Josh Berg
Berg Capital Markets

Dean Holter, Esq.
Berg Capital Markets