SAN DIEGO, Feb. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ziyen Inc.’s energy division,  Ziyen Energy are delighted to appoint Maurice Wright and Andy Stephen as project managers and technical oil and gas industry specialists for the redevelopment of Ziyen Inc.’s  existing oil fields in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

Mr. Stephen and Mr. Wright have a combined experience of more than 50 years working in the global oil and gas industry, previously having worked with Dutch Royal Shell, BP, Conocophillips, Total, and various medium sized oil and gas companies.

Initially the focus of this team will be to provide technical support and create bespoke production and project management plans for the growing list of Ziyen Inc.’s oil fields in the Illinois Basin. One important focus will be to provide alternative and sustainable means of production for the oil fields by using the pump jacks on the field to generate electricity, which will be put back onto the grid in addition to plans for solar panels and other methods of energy regeneration.

Another key contribution will be the implementation of the latest control and monitoring equipment which will allow us to safely monitor our facilities 24 hours of the day. In essence, the monitoring equipment will not only ensure safety protocols are continually checking and predicting possible offline periods, the system will also allow for fast response time if and when a tripped well occurs on the fields.

Shane Fraser, Director of Ziyen Energy:
“We already have an ambitious and focused growth plan in place for Ziyen Energy and the appointment of Maurice and Andy will ensure Ziyen Inc. will have the newest technology in place to deliver low-risk solutions to our projects and ultimately, our shareholders. Our new team members will allow us to deliver our promise to optimise operations by increasing well uptime, cut costs by reducing unnecessary servicing of the fields all in an effort to increase production uptime in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.”

Maurice Wright, “When Shane approached me for the position, I was excited to accept the post as I thoroughly enjoy staying hands-on in the industry and I am confident in my expertise having used innovative and original solutions to help solve any technical problems. We look forward to working closely with Shane and the land team in Indiana to ensure all projects run smoothly and efficiently.”

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About Ziyen Inc.
Founded in 2016, Ziyen Inc. is a Scottish-American company developing cutting edge procurement software to provide clients with industry specific government and private contracts via procurement portals. In 2017, Ziyen diversified, instating the Ziyen Energy Division, with intent to produce oil in the U.S. with advanced extraction methods and technology implemented and guided by career experts in the oil and gas industry. In June 2017, Ziyen acquired the mineral rights to its first oil field in Indiana, and now has two assets.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently qualified Ziyen Inc. in November 2017 for our second round of funding, with a pre-IPO share price of $1.50.  More information may be found in its Offering Circular filed with the SEC, or on their website

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