Ziyen Energy, a division of Ziyen Inc., who secured their first oil contract in Indiana in June 2017 haved targeted horizontal drilling over vertical drilling as the most cost effective and productive method to extract oil in the US onshore drilling market.

Video Blog – Benefits of horizontal drilling over vertical drilling for the US oil market

Shane Fraser – Director of Oil Intelligence

Shane Fraser, Director of OIl Intelligence, at ZIyen Energy said,    

Traditionally oil wells in the US were only drilled vertically, however at Ziyen energy we will use horizontal drilling instead of traditional vertical drilling.

Horizontal oil drilling can be used in many situations where conventional drilling is either impossible or cost prohibitive.

Horizontal drilling means multiple wells can be drilled from one drill pad and therefore multiple pay zones can be reached effectively which is not possible with conventional vertical drilling.

At Ziyen Energy we understand  that businesses need to change the way they work to become more environmentally friendly.

By using Horizontal drilling techniques with amazing control and precision, we can both increase oil production and lower our environmental footprint getting better results than more traditional methods of drilling.

Basically the technology we’re bringing forward enables us to drill multiple wells in multiple formations and increase production.

Advanced horizontal drilling technology also produces positive results for the environment.  A single horizontal well can replace the need to drill a dozen or even more vertical wells to access a similar level of resource.

The innovative equipment that we will use whilst horizontal drilling will allow us to drill further more accurately, safely and quicker by drilling multiple wells from the one location.

Horizontal Drilling brings both scientific innovation and engineering brilliance together as one team.”

Full details of Ziyen Energy’s first contract award, including the Assignment of the Oil and Gas Lease to Ziyen Inc. and Oil and Gas Reserve Evaluation Report have been filed at the SEC under an 253G2 Offering Supplement Update

Click Link to access full details of the 253G2 filing at SEC

Alastair Caithness, CEO at Ziyen, said,

“The securing of our first oil contract has changed everything for the company.  For me, this means that our company now has a firm asset as a bedrock from which to launch our business, bringing added security to the venture and immediate value to our shareholders.”

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