At Ziyen Inc. we are excited to announce that our new corporate website is now live.

The updated site includes new branding, changes to navigation, for both mobile and desktop versions, provides easy access to essential information and a comprehensive understanding of Ziyen’s different divisions.

The new website is still located at the same address:

We have also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read and have a comprehensive investor section with updated company news and stock information, SEC filings and corporate governance information.

Additional Key information about Ziyen Inc. can be found at the following links:

More about Ziyen Inc. and Regulation A+

Ziyen Inc., a US business intelligence and software company, was qualified by the SEC under Regulation A+ in October 2016 and is aiming for quick completion of the listing process on the OTC in 2017. In the past only wealthy institutions, venture capitalists and angel investors could provide early stage private investments in the latest start-ups, but this has all changed through the JOBS Act.

Through Regulation A+, the barriers everyday citizens have experienced in participating in early stage private investment have now vanished.

For more information about the company and investment opportunities visit and