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Rebuilding Iraq

Rebuilding Iraq has been developed to provide US, European and International Companies with key information on Oil and Gas, Construction and Iraqi Government Procurement Contracts with the intent to save time, money and to improve the overall efficiency of the country by enhancing the procurement process in Iraq.

  • Rebuilding Iraq currently publishes contracts on behalf of 250 authorities including the Iraqi Government, oil companies, construction companies, the World Bank and the US Embassy.
  • Provides sales leads, news, procurement directory access and a jobs board focused on Iraq market
  • Over 350,000 followers across Social Media

Oil Blockchain News

Oil Blockchain News was developed by the team at Ziyen Intel and is currently the No. 1 source for oil blockchain news. It provides the latest cryptocurrency, smart contracts and distributed data will transform the oil and gas industry. Oil Blockchain is the future business model of supply chain and eventually will be applied to the entire oil and gas value chain.

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