Ziyen Inc. CEO Vlogs

The ZIY video series is a unique insight from Zieyn Inc.’s CEO Alastair Caithness as he discusses the accelerating transformation of the digital economy. The series begins with video  ZIY001 as an introduction to the company and the digitization and evolutionary change in the infrastructure of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s and Regulation A+ to the revolutionary ZiyenCoin as the first U.S. Security Token Offering that is SEC compliant and on the Ethereum Blockchain.

ZIY009 - Why will Smart Contracts Change the Oil and Gas Supply Chain?

Alastair Caithness discusses Smart Contracts and how they are going to change the oil and gas supply chain. The next step is to stay ahead of the curve because the transition will happen very quickly.

ZIY008- Why we believe the blockchain will be bigger than the internet?

What problems does the blockchain solve and why we believe it will be bigger than the internet? Ziyen Inc. CEO, Alastair Caithness discusses the fundamentals of the blockchain and the pivotal point in the integration of innovation beyond business.

ZIY007 - What is Oil Blockchain?

Ziyen Inc. CEO, Alastair Caithness discusses the fundamentals of the blockchain and discusses the integration of the platform in to the Oil and Energy sector.

ZIY005 - Ziyen Inc. launch ZIYENCOIN, a Digital Energy Security Token Offering

Ziyen Inc. CEO fly’s out from San Diego airport to the Oil and Blockchain Conference in Houston, TX., Where he organized a presentation about the company and and the new Security Token Offering.

ZIY003 - Building a Constructive Relationship with the SEC for a Start-up Oil and Energy Company

Ziyen Inc., CEO Alastair Caithness, discusses the “Importance of building a Constructive Relationship with the SEC for a Startup Oil and Energy Company”, and anyone who is considering going through Regulation A, Regulation D, STO or any filing or offering qualification process with the SEC.

ZIY002 - Why Regulation A+ Corporate Structure is the future model for crowdfunding start ups?

Alastair Caithness discusses the future model of crowdfunding and how Ziyen Inc. acquired the first oil asset and under Ziyen Energy with Regulation A+ and the road map to launching on the Nasdaq.

ZIY001 - Background Introduction to Ziyen Inc. Video Blogs and Company Structure

Ziyen Inc. CEO, Alastair Caithness gives an overview of the company from establishing Ziyen Inc. in 2016 and the first qualification in the SEC as an Information and Intelligence company to the most recent tokenization of oil assets and operating on the blockchain.