Stefan Sageder 

Geophysicist Consultant

Stefan Sageder joins the Leadership Team as Geophysicist Consultant who will advise on upcoming Ziyen Energy oil and gas future projects.

Stefan has 10 years industry experience with the majority working for the oil and energy company, TOTAL, across various outposts around the globe including France, Qatar and Gabon. His expertise lies strongly in identifying, analyzing and determining the survivability and potentiality of mature wells in challenging geological contexts utilizing the most cost effective and efficient methods including seismic interpretation, seismic reservoir characterization using inversion data, well planning and delivery as well as 2G&R studies.

Stefan has a track record of leading geoscience departments in providing assessments and appraisals of a company’s oil assets and utilizing data collected in order to determine the potential capacity of a given field by providing feasibility studies in seismic reservoir monitoring and 4D interpretation. Stefan holds a Master of Science in Petroleum Geophysics from the University of Leoben, Austria and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Leoben, Austria in Applied Geosciences.