Wayne ‘Ozzie’ Rea III

Petroleum Landman and Blockchain Strategist

Wayne ‘Ozzie’ Rea III joins the leadership team as Petroleum Landman and Blockchain Strategist.  Ozzie is the President of Old Texas Land and Energy Corporation, a land services, exploration and development company. 

As highly experienced oil and gas veteran, Ozzie has been involved in every aspect of an E&P company from prospect inception to raising capital, leasing, permitting, drillsite construction, logistics, drilling, completing, and marketing. 

In the last 8 years he and his company have successfully drilled 17 producing wells, delivering over 2,000,000 barrels of oil recovery.  Ozzie also operated as a Land Manager for Crystal River Oil & Gas and was responsible for 150 operated wells and 600 non-operated wells. He is a Registered Professional Landman of good standing with the American Association of Petroleum Landmen and still works on deals with his father, Wayne L. “Sandy” Rea II. Over the past two-years have brokered the sale of over $6,000,000 worth of minerals. 

Ozzie was instrumental in the tokenization of the first oil working interest with Ziyen Energy in 2019.