Edward Alontaga

Media Relations

Edward Alontaga joins the company as Media Relations Manager and is responsible for managing all external communications. General responsibilities include, media relations, strategic communications, community relations, social media management, production of media on multiple platforms, and other special projects as needed.

Edward is responsible for increasing awareness for Ziyen Inc., ZiyenCoin and the various media platforms that the company operates.  He also develops the system-wide proactive media communication plan for content creation and distribution of information to shareholders and stakeholders.

Edward reviews all marketing campaign objectives, identify and define the most ideal creative strategies that help guide the development of content of the portal OilBlockchain.News, ensuring alignment with social media strategies and platform best practices to maximize success across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and other emerging platforms.

Edward is a graduate of St. Francis College, New York and holds a BA in Economics and Finance and a BS in Business Management and Marketing.