Why Ziyen

Ziyen Inc. has appeared 10 times on the NASDAQ Board in Times Square, New York

Ziyen Energy have acquired 13 oil leases in the last 12 months

The United States is capable of oil and energy independence


Barrels of oil per day imported into the US


Value of oil per day shipped in from outside US for US consumption


Amount of oil US requires from overseas to sustain


Of domestic oil leases not being utilized to capacity

Thousands / millions

Jobs and dollars that will re-enter the US economy


Ziyen proprietary program that uses Renewable Energy to reduce oil production costs

Making the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is leading global governments, businesses, and consumers alike to examine all aspects of their environmental footprint

In the US, renewable energy sources go into creating electricity generation, where the majority of petroleum produced is for transportation

Ziyen Energy is creating strategies to become environmentally responsible while converting old energy into new energy

The economic synergy of old energy and new energy

Over the next 10 years, Ziyen Energy plans to use renewable energy sources to offset operational oil production electricity costs and reduce taxable income.

  • Old energy acquisition: Ziyen will acquire traditional mineral leases and land already producing oil
  • Old energy output made optimally efficient: Ziyen will then maximize output and reduce cost of production through retrofits and upgrades to outdated oil well equipment
  • New energy buildout to create tax credit offsets to oil production: Ziyen will simultaneously build renewable energy production, creating IRC 48 30% tax credits to offset oil revenue taxes
  • New energy worker training for old energy local workers: Ziyen’s highly skilled and local oil workers will be trained to build and maintain solar and wind energy projects, thereby providing the on-the-job training necessary to transition from an oil-only skillset to include renewable energy skillsets; thereby ensuring long-term job security.

Ziyen Energy model ready to disrupt the US domestic oil industry

The traditional oil and gas model can be dramatically improved

A new, socially responsible yet competitive Oil and Renewable Energy company



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