A New Era for Trading Oil & Energy Assets

ZYEN Digital Trading Platform provides a platform for tokenizing productive energy assets using permission-based blockchain technology, creating a liquid market for previously illiquid assets.

Data Analysis

ZYEN captures data of energy projects on the blockchain.  Our process involves the data to be identified, verified and analyzed for our users

Token Trading

Investors will trade tokens in the individual energy projects.  Each token will represent the value of a piece of equity in the project 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ZYEN utilizes the latest AI in the Energy Market, focusing highly on innovation in new technologies to improve production efficiency

The Company

ZYEN was established by Ziyen Energy in collaboration with leading blockchain, data analysis, tokenization, regulatory and trading specialists

Permissioned Blockchain

ZYEN operates on a permissioned blockchain, providing a reliable and efficient platform for executing and recording energy transactions

Secure and Safe

ZYEN operates a secure authentication system for our users.  We do not share, sell, or otherwise disclose your Personal Data.


A Revolutionary Funding Mechanism


ZYEN users will include owners of productive energy assets and those raising funds to develop renewable and carbon-based energy, utilizing tokenization and blockchain technology


Invest in oil and energy assets securitized using Blockchain technology

Traditionally asset-based investments have only been available to only a small subset of qualified investors, ZYEN is making many of these opportunities available. Whether you reside in the U.S. or live abroad, sign up to explore new and diverse investment opportunities.

Contact Us


ZYEN Inc. 1623 Central Ave, Suite 201, Cheyenne, WY 82001

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