Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Ziyen Advantage Program Phase 2 – Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

The second part of our program is to test (and where possible implement) EOR techniques by injecting polymers to increase the effectiveness of the water flood when injecting water into the wells. In the Midwest, when drilling a field, you may get up to 30% of the oil out of the reserve. Therefore, 70% is left behind. Utilizing this EOR, Ziyen can recover, on average, a further 8% to 12%, depending on the well.

The major operators left the basin over 30 years ago due to more lucrative projects abroad that allowed for a higher yield in profit and production without the high overhead costs, government taxes and strict legislation. It is safe to say that technology also remained stagnant as R&D investment did not increase for small to medium oil operators.

We believe that by working with experienced consultants from major operators we will be able to increase the recovery rates in the Illinois Basin and across the Midwest.  Increasing recovery rates by 1%, it would still account for a significant incremental return.

Ziyen Inc. has recently appointed Dr. Thomas Ishoey to the Advisory Board who has extensive experience in the development of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR), which is the first EOR technique Ziyen Inc. is looking to deploy in the Illinois Basin.