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Financial Model for Energy Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of Energy Assets on the Blockchain Democratization of energy investment opportunities Advances in Enterprise Blockchain and Security Tokenization Enterprise Blockchain. Tracing its technological origin to Bitcoin cryptocurrency, enterprise blockchains...

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Ziyen Energy to present at Canadian Shale Gas 2021

Alastair Caithness has been announced as a keynote speaker at Canadian Shale Production 2021.

Canadian Shale Production 2021 is the leading Exhibition and Conference where Exploration & Production companies will meet with service providers to explore the next generation of new technologies and techniques for use in oil and gas production across the region. 

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ZiyenCoin Featured In Google Scholar

The ground breaking work of Ziyen Energy and the development of ZiyenCoin, an asset backed blockchain oil and energy token has now been written about by leading Professors and Researchers from Columbia University, University of Florida, University of Michigan,...

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Finance Infrastructure Through Blockchain-Based Tokenization

Ziyen Energy CEO, Alastair Caithness, is a co-author of the first financial journal research paper on 'Finance infrastructure through blockchain based tokenization', where ZiyenCoin is featured as the case study in the paper. The main author of the paper is Yifeng...

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ZiyenCoin – The First Tokenized Energy Fund

Tokenization Tokenization, though in its infancy, is one of the most promising applications of blockchain technology. Tokenization creates a digital representation of an actual asset such as a currency, commodity, equity or other financial instrument, where each...

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